Saturday, September 09, 2006


Lovey used to have a tail, she used to have ears, and she used to have two eyes. She wore a stylish red-and-white Norwegian knit hat too. Alas, all gone.

Lovey was Kharma's sleeping toy when we first brought here to her new home. She missed her eight brothers and sisters, but Lovey, a hot waterbottle and a ticking clock were the substitutes that got her through those first nights.

Then Lovey became a playmate. Kharma was so proud when she learned to carry Lovey aloft that she pranced. (Lovey was bigger than Kharma at that point.) Gradually Lovey became a teething ring of sorts as Kharma developed her molars and Lovey began losing body parts.

I plan to sew up Lovey's eye. I'm guessing that the nose might be the next to go when Kharma can't entertain herself by pulling out clumps of polyfill anymore.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Darling, On the Summit

I've always wanted to climb this mountain. It's so close to home, so easy to get to, and it's not like it's Everest or even Whitney, for heaven's sake. But I was out of shape and overweight and a big chicken about the whole thing, really. I've had friends who've climbed it year after year. I was envious every single time.

Not any more! Picture that being said with a gigantic smile on my face.

I was invited along for a Labor Day weekend climb and my friend (and classroom partner) said that she wasn't sure everyone would make it to the top. No pressure, perfect! So I thought about it and finally decided that it would be fun especially since I enjoy the other folks who would be coming. So I committed (and that's half the battle) and began researching what I'd gotten myself into.

Fortuitously I'd gotten a guidebook of Lake Tahoe hikes at Costco earlier this summer and there was Mt. Rose on page 85. Only a 10 mile round trip and the elevation gain was less than 3000 feet. I walk hills around home all the time and 5 miles isn't uncommon morning walk. Better yet, it's listed as only 3 stars of difficulty out of 5 and I'd been successful a few years back (okay, maybe it was more than a decade ago) on a 4 star hike. I had my sweetie bring up the topo on the computer and took a look, imagining the route and visualizing what it would entail. I knew I could and would make it to the top, no problem and no doubt. My favorite part is that after helping me check out the topo map, my sweetie decided he'd come along too.

So here we are together, laughing, happy to have reached 10,776 feet.

I've achieved another goal on my lifelist! (I've checked off the aurora borealis, but fireflies are still on it. I've done the Journal Jog, but I haven't hiked the Tonto or seen Havasupai Falls. And whales, grey, humpies or orcas. Alaska would be nice. It's a long list...)