Saturday, October 28, 2006

Growing up

Look what a difference six months can make. Our little girl is growing up. (She's now eight and a half months old, just a step away from being full grown.)

She is becoming a good dog faster than any of our other pups. I don't feel like we are spending more time training her than the others, but perhaps an empty nest creates fewer distractions. I know that having her in Puppy School has encouraged us to spend more quality time with her. She is much more responsive and loves doing her homework.

I do miss my sweet little fluffball, but Kharma still has a beautiful face. It is a delight to watch how athletic she has become. She is an expert frisbee catcher, high jumper and speedster. She is mature enough to stay home and not bark at the workers installing windows next door. I love being able to run upstairs knowing she will stay content in her basket down below.

There is still some puppy exploration going on however. She discovered that the horses I introduced her to are much bigger and a little intimidating. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had the sense to stop and think about them. I thought I'd really have to restrain her and stop her from chasing them around. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the cows are put back into the pasture we use on our walks.

We are glad Kharma is a part of our lives. Puppyhood takes a lot of work, but she enriches our lives beyond measure. As they say, "Dogs may not be our whole life, but our life is whole because of our dogs."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



I'm rereading some David Edding's novels, because a good story is worth visiting again and again.

I'm rejoicing over the end of soccer season. I love soccer and I love coaching, but perhaps now I can spend some time with the most important people in my life.

I'm attending dog school; Kharma doesn't start till next week. She is rapidly learning that our come-right-now whistle involves a gourmet cheese bit. She also spends most of her time watching our hands if they stray anywhere near a pocket which just might contain a treat!

I'm pondering my options. Shall I work on the dollhouse...or print some photos for the scrapbook...or begin stitching on a fat black Halloween cat? Perhaps I shall do them all.

I'm trying to get used to having the heater on, and remembering to turn it down before bedtime.

I'm trying to get up earlier--with no success so far. At least I can rely on some extra sleep next weekend when we fall back.

I cringe when I walk through our home and see a pile (or two or three) in every single room. I hereby vow to create one shining, clean, clutter-free room by tomorrow night (complete with photo to show my success).

And now to sleep...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Favorites

Aspen blazing in the crevices of the ridges,
pristine pinecones newly fallen, untouched by rodents or weather,
blue skies,
acorns whether small or large,
sugar maples lighting the kitchen orange,
crisp mornings and toasty afternoons,
snow powdering our three peaks for a few fleeting hours,
looking forward to skiing and snowshoeing,
cheering at soccer games,
hot chocolate,
kicking crunchy leaves,
pumpkins and scarecrows,
stitching on woolfelt Halloween critters,
putting the garden to bed,
small puffy clouds,
my new jean jacket,
Kharma running full tilt at the Canada Geese in the pasture,
golden yellow and intense purple chrysanthemums,
burgundy dogwood leaves,
the twins' birthday,
putting the down comforter on the bed,
holiday planning and anticipation,
singing Home Means Nevada in class each morning,
apple crisp,
train whistles at night,
setting out the pumpkins, black cats, witches, and bats.

Fall is wonderful.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lucky in Love

Today we celebrated the anniversary that seems to be our most important, most personal, one...the day we met.

We don't share this anniversary with anybody else. No one has pictures of it and only we have the memories. There were no fancy clothes, no planning and no expense. But on a dorm field trip into the Sierra, we met for the first time and that was that. It was love at first sight. We instantly connected and here we are, thirty-five years later, still together.

The ambiance of the lake and cabins, the crisp fall air and snapping campfire, the sound of the breeze in the pines, the laughter of friends and the awareness of two young hearts seems as fresh and clear today as they did the first time we shared our "one month" anniversary.

The memory of that long-ago day has carried us through some rough times and delighted us anew each year. We are both very lucky to have found each other and we give thanks to the fates that brought us together.