Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Trip

It's Spring Break. At least, I think it is. Because I firmly believe Spring Break involves continental breakfasts, beds that other people fix, and towels that other folks pick up for you and I'm stuck here at home. There are good reasons to be stuck here, but they would not be my reasons, given my druthers.

I really wanted to go South. To Albuquerque to see the Eldest and The Girls. To tease Liyah and bring a housewarming present to Deni. To give Pierre the hugs he didn't get in December. To visit Walnut Canyon in the daylight this time on the way down. To see if the cafe in Gallup still has the best chile rellenos going--the kind that make you break out in sweat as your tastebuds tap dance. To swing north into the O'Keefe landscapes of northern NM with my oil pastels in tow. To tour Mesa Verde. And maybe, in my wildest dreams, have enough time to return to Canyonlands.

Instead, today we dropped by Winco to grab more peppercorns and turbinado sugar...and the Arizona license plate on the Honda parked next to us is as close as I'm getting to my vacation wish.

1 comment:

  1. I parked next to a dirty slush-caked Vermont license plate today. I'm in Massachusetts. I can't even find a hot license plate to park next to.

    Spring stinks, man.