Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Got Weather??

Dear Blog Readers:
Mrs. Santa has been busy busy busy, but in a guilt-laden moment managed to step outside her workroom (upstairs where I'm not allowed) and take me to the pasture. I love snow. I love frozen cow patties. I love playing with my friend Cody. He's tan and buff and likes digging for rodents in the irrigation ditches. (Don't worry, Jake, you're still my best guy!) Cody and I had fun running fast. I'm faster than he is but I wait for him to catch up, 'cause that's the polite way to play with friends.
Mrs. Santa is doing something called "sewing". It involves lots of noise, but doesn't smell very interesting. At least she finds time to cook and give me bits of moldy cheese (yum!) and sometimes a piece of meat falls to the floor where I help her clean it up.
I'm spending way too much time lying at the foot of the stairs waiting and hoping for a walk. It is beautiful weather out there and feels like summer. I hope she comes down soon and gets my leash.
She says I'm getting a "niece" soon. I don't know what that is, but I hope it either tastes good or is something to play with.
Time to kennel up for the night.
Love, Kharma

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