Friday, January 11, 2008

The Golden Princess

Kharma here.

I didn't know what mom meant when she told me I was going to have a new niece. I thought she meant I was getting a new toy. I was almost right--this is a picture of my new niece. Mom said if I was gentle, that maybe the puppy would come over to play with me. I like to play!

We went to Costco and got the puppy a bed. I tried it out and it's almost as comfy as mine, but it doesn't smell as good. Mom found a crate that is so tiny I can barely get my whole head in, but I guess the puppy might like it.

Saturday, Mrs. Breeder will take the litter to the vet for their checkup and shots. I remember the vet. I get treats there. I hope the vet says the puppies are ready to go to their new homes. The puppy is lucky to go live with my human brother Erkie. Erkie plays with me whenever he comes over. I like to play!

Mom says I was the cutest puppy in the whole world with my pink paws and cute freckled tummy, but I think this new one is nice too. I'm pretty excited about the puppy but mom is getting some dinner ready for me so I think I'll go now.