Monday, January 14, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Zelda the Christmas Puppy is officially big enough to move into her new home. Erkie brought her by this weekend, and we cuddled her and crooned her name and tickled her tummy and let her gnaw on our knuckles. Puppies are so little and sweet.

Kharma had her own ideas on how to entertain the new arrival. She brought out Hissy Cat and taught Zelda to chew on its leg/arm/tail. She then pranced by with her tug toy trailing entrancing and irresistable loops in front of the pup. We laughed at the little pudgy ball of fur trying to catch up with Miss Turn-On-A-Dime. Kharma knew just how to keep a smidge ahead of Zelda and the game of chase raged throughout the family and living rooms.

Pretty soon Zelda discovered the new dog bed from Costco. The one that Kharma had appropriated the whole day before Zelda arrived.

Hmmm...this is so soft. It smells just like that dog that is fun to play with too. soft. Feels best right here. My chin fits perfectly on the edge. Wow, it was fun to play. I like Kharma. I think I'll just lie down for a while. Mmmmm.

Maybe I'll just close my eyes for a minute. Or two. Zzzzzzzzz.

Zelda snores...cute snores, but still!

Congratulations on your adorable new best friend. Oh, and have fun getting up every four hours with her, Erkie.


  1. How sweet! I can almost smell that puppy breath ;-)

  2. How have you not eaten her? She is so cute she looks edible!