Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kinder-Speak or April Fools

Just love it when they get this cute.

Elle: I'm gonna tell God what you did! An important lesson learned early--bypass all those lower-echelon types and tell the Big Boy himself.

Sometimes it's a tea party, sometimes it's Disney Princesses, sometimes it's put on a wig and fool Mrs. Pogonip into thinking we have a new kindergartner (I play dumb almost effortlessly). Today it was Med School and they were taking each other's Blood Pepper.

Why don't I die laughing?!

Because I yesterday I took a two hour nap, head down on the kitchen table, well deserved after dealing with a tired kindergartner who just had a bad day from the git-go.

We asked him to take his baseball cap off and put it in his cubbie. We would have been kinder if we had just asked him to amputate his arm.

Whininess ensued. I stayed calm and helped him through his I-can't-do-it's and got his project finished so he could go outside to recess. Then I was informed in an even whinier poor-me voice that recess was too short. I sort of ignored him so he repeated it. Over and over and over.

Turned out he forgot to get a snack before recess (and snacks are closed as soon as recess if over) which caused a nuclear meltdownoutburst which caused him to be removed from the room until he quieted down. He didn't. We finally took him to the principal's office. That's why principal's get the big bucks.

Hence my long nap.

He had a fabulous day today. Amazing what sleep will do for kindergartners and their teachers alike.


  1. Naps should be required for adults.

  2. Bless you, woman. Teachers deserve hazard pay. I have a new respect since working now with the teen crowd. Still LOL at the "blood pepper" line. How do you keep a straight face? And how often do you get your evaluation from the Man Upstairs?!