Friday, May 16, 2008

The City Dump

You know a major cleanup or reorganization always looks really, really, REALLY bad right before it magically looks fabulous? Kind of like a chemistry experiment that looks like pea soup before it turns a crystalline blue? Well, welcome to the Reno City Dump...
Yep, it's our backyard. Doesn't it look great with those tires stacked against the one fence still standing? And how about those gorgeous black trash bags lined up on the patio--classy!
Here's another look at our patio. Don't you like the way the dump lady stacked the boards neatly on top of the oak logs? Too bad she wasn't strong enough to tidy up those concrete post footings. Hey, they look great with random boards thrown higgily, piggily on top. What is up with all those trash bags, you ask?

Well, when you have a really big oak stump which has to be removed because part of it is over the concrete that you still have to dig out and the stump grinders come and attack it, the stump volume multiplies by at least ten. It was a lot of mulch. So I bagged it up to use at the Queen Mother's (because she appreciates mulch), but with the cost of gas we will wait till we are going that way for Sunday soccer to drop it off.

Don't you love our priorities? When it's gas versus a clean backyard, the backyard loses. But when soccer is involved...

***********Finally we have the seven wonders of the concrete world again, a pile of rotted 4x4's, and one intact fence panel propped up on the cherry tree. We are a little dense. The panel blew down in yet another of our little winds, knocking over the wheelbarrow in the process. That would have been okay, but the whole mess landed right on my rhododendron. Yet, there is the exact same panel in the exact same place just waiting for another gust so it can smash any intact branches the rhodie still possesses. The pile of chicken wire proved useless at keeping Kharma in our yard instead of the Bichon Frisee yard behind us and the dump lady will probably have to trip over it before she rolls it up again. The large turquoise pick-up-sticks are actually dog agility equipment waiting for a sane backyard to appear. The grass? History.

We have plans for the weekend which unfortunately do not involve margaritas and sunbathing.


  1. You should at least incorporate the margaritas into the scenario.

  2. I did not see any of the garbage you were talking about because I can't get past how GREEN everything is! I had no idea Reno was so lush!

    P.S. Thanks for coming to my blog!

  3. I am so totally and thoroughly jealous of all your grass!

  4. Looks like a really fun place to play to me! BOL! Can't wait to see the results.

    Woofs, Johann