Saturday, May 31, 2008

That Empty Feeling

The yellow bedroom is officially emptied of my junk and waiting for son #2's junk which will be arriving tomorrow; nope, make that today.

Yeah, it was lots of work at a really busy time for teachers but there's always a bright side:

  1. I got a headstart on organizing my summer projects.
  2. I'll have to sew/scrap/craft at full speed to create some nice empty space again.
  3. When he finds a place, it will be a snap to re-paint the too-pale yellow a nice sunny yellow instead.
  4. I found my porcelain squirrels.
  5. I found my extra puppy photos.
  6. I found my cardstock stash of primary colors.
  7. Zelda ate my pond iris (whoops, that doesn't go on the bright side--file that under living with a puppy, again).
  8. Since Zelda ate the iris, that's a giant hint that I don't need to be in a hurry to rebuild the drip irrigation that Kharma destroyed when she was a pup.

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