Thursday, June 12, 2008

101 Pollywogs

It doesn't have the same ring as 101 Dalmations, does it? They're all I've got though.

On walks and bike rides I've been searching every puddle, pond and creek for possible wildlife. Why? Because I have plans for a pond and therefore must have mini-froglets to put into the pond. The pond that will someday be. The pond is still just a glimmer in my eye because I have priorities. Yes, I have a list of things that need doing and I've mentally prioritized the various tasks.

The pond is much lower in importance than the chaos that currently reigns at our house. I have piles all over my house and everytime I clean them up I create more piles. The chaos is driving me crazy and has begun swallowing important things that are lying out in plain sight. Like my camera.

I'd really rather be working on a pond. It sounds like a lot more fun and it doesn't involve housework. It's a variation on gardening. Much more fun than chores inside. Plus I must have bought a hundred dollars worth of plants over the past month; plants that can only be planted after the pond is dug. So maybe it's actually a higher priority than I think?

And now I have ninety-nine tadpoles (I gave away two to the neighbors) currently residing in a bucket. I'm not keeping all of them. I'm donating several to the Queen Mother's pond and plan to repopulate Alum Creek as well. I'm keeping just a few for my pond. And I found my camera but it took me so long that the batteries were dead, so I can't even show you how cute my ninety-nine little critters look in their bucket. Now I can't find the battery charger.

Maybe if I don't sleep, I can conquer my piles and piles? And can begin building a pond soon? Because time and tadpoles wait for no woman.

I want to state right here that summer is not going quite the way I had planned.


  1. We need people. People to do the annoying housework while we do the fun things, like garden, and frolik on the beach.

  2. People are a good idea. I could lie back with a margarita and order them around. Until I fell asleep from boredom. Sounds good!