Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Which I Get a Little Scentimental

My sweetie bought me this outrageously-priced rose at Moana Lane Nursery because I just fell in love with its unusual beauty and fragrance.That was several years ago and we've been lucky to get three blossoms on "Scentimental" each year. I've been blaming the lack of flowers on the shade cast by our cherry tree, but since we cut down our oak the rose has been blooming wildly. Each day brings more buds to be relished and enjoyed and marveled at. So...lose an oak tree, gain a rose! Then I found this baby rose during my Portland visit and couldn't resist bringing it home. It looks like a one-fourth scale model of the full-size tea rose.

I think the two roses, planted in the same bed, will give us many hours of enjoyment during al fresco summer meals. Or as I fill the dogs' water bowl or turn on the garden hose or sweep the patio or attack the ants or...

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