Friday, August 29, 2008

Wish List

Could summer vacation last longer, please?

I'm not ready to give up long walks with friends, eating lunch outside, gardening all day long, no alarm clock, no watch, shorts and tees, ponytails, no makeup, a complete lack of stress, more energy than I know what to do with, and days filled with doggie kisses.

Yep, "teacher clothes" come out of storage this weekend. Sigh. I'll iron my long skirts and comfy blouses and hang them carefully in my closet. I'll dig out my watch and replace the watchband. My teeth are whiter and my legs are exfoliated. I've trimmed my ends and colored my roots. My toenails have a coat of Charming Rose Creme instead of a rim of dirt. I'm getting my lap ready to comfort multiple children when their parents leave and they realize kindergarten is for kids.

I've already re-organized my desk, refilled my stapler, and bought some new rollerball pens. The cubbies are stuffed with announcements, book club flyers, and school calendars. I'm memorizing student names so that I can match faces with them quickly.

Our new class is adorable and the parents a joy. We are all excited about their first baby steps into formal schooling. I know I'll wake up with a smile on my face and joy in my heart for the next nine months.

But can I postpone it for just a smidge longer? Pretty please?


  1. I always hated the end of summer and all that fun. Now that I work all year round it does not have the same feeling to it. But it sounds like you will certianly be the hottest teach at the school with all your fancy duds and beautifiedness. :)

  2. I have been so busy this week buying markers and crayons, getting children's teeth checked, their hair cut, buying new shoes....I can't believe my little girl starts Kindergarten tomorrow. The parents who get you are L U C K Y. It's the teachers who wanna go back to school early that you gotta watch. I'm just sayin.