Thursday, September 11, 2008

Actually that IS the way the cookie crumbles

How to find a runaway Ginger Bread Man (known hereafter as the GBM):

  • first make sure that someone else didn't take him out of the oven
  • check around for a trail of crumbs
  • ask every parent if they've seen him anywhere
  • send the kids home to look for him
  • tell the kids to look while they are riding the bus/walking/biking/riding in the car
  • sniff everywhere for the scent of cloves, cinnamon and ginger
  • ask bigger kids at school if they've seen him
  • when the kindergartners come back to school the next day, ask if anyone saw him
  • call a mommy when one girl insists that they caught him at her house and he's under Mommy's bed, 'cause who knows--stranger things have happened
  • have the kids make a wanted poster with his description which will probably involve the pound and a half of sprinkles they used to decorate him
  • make sure the librarian, music teacher, computer teacher, nurse and secretary know their lines before you visit
  • visit the librarian, music teacher, computer teacher, nurse, secretary and principal as you track down clues
  • tiptoe from place to place so he won't hear you coming
  • check carefully in each location in case the GBM is hiding
  • keep a straight face
  • if you should hear the GBM as he tries to hide in the principal's office, hold tight to the box so he can't get away
  • have the kids says the magic words, "turn back into a cookie", before you try opening the box
  • make sure the kids go to the bathroom BEFORE you start your hunt--because hunting for the gingerbread man is so exciting that they will try to "hold it" and might not be successful
  • wash your hands really well after discovering that the urine has soaked not only underwear and pants but has trickled down into the shoes
  • having a kindergartner come up with a "that's the way the cookie crumbles" comment is very appropriate as the class munches on their gingerbread.

There are worse ways to spend 9/11.

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  1. This is really brilliant. You sound like such an amazing teacher.