Thursday, September 18, 2008


Currently I'd be happy if last weekend had been five days long. Or if the days didn't get dark well before 8 p.m. Or if my Fairy Clonemother would wave her magic wand and create a doppelganger for me.

'Cause then I'd actually have my water feature up and running, complete with nicely placed stones, swimming fish and healthy water plants. And my garage cleaned, the rummage delivered to the SPCA thrift store, my house immaculate and a restful, restorative eight hours of sleep nightly.


As it is, the pond itself is surrounded by mud and rocks awaiting placement. The cute little goldfish are happily swimming in an extra ten-gallon aquarium that also harbors the water plants I've been collecting. All the plants that is except the lotus tuber Zelda crunched on for lunch. I hope lotus is healthy for puppies to eat, but if she gets the trots it's her own fault. Also my garage is in disarray; the rummage has been collecting all summer in bags, boxes and bins of varying sizes that have somehow gotten mixed with Erkie-pie's storage; and a good night's sleep is a distant memory belonging with summer vacation.

I do have a closet full of freshly laundered and iron clothes though. Better than meditation is ironing. And tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is close enough to touch and hope springs eternal. And right now the thought of taking photos of my adorable little rescued feeder fish in their glass aquarium tomorrow is more enticing than a clean garage anyway.

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