Wednesday, November 05, 2008


That would be me, the one with the huge smile that will not go away.

I spent yesterday evening browsing blogs around the world and came away realizing that the international community was relieved and hopeful that America-the-world-leader was back in the game. The faith that others put in us is inspiring and humbling.

The voting turnout in Nevada was incredible. I was fortunate to be paired with a teenage bundle of enthusiasm as we canvassed on Election Day morning through successive bouts of sun, breeze, rain showers and snow flurries. We only found one person who had NOT voted: she was a hundred-and-one years old and the Obama campaign immediately went into action to find her suitable transportation to her polling place.

The Big Guy (our new name for Erkie-pie) spent forty minutes in line as the polls opened at 7 a.m. and we heard others waited for an hour-and-a-half. We didn't hear about anyone who gave up though. I think voters were either inspired or polarized--either way, everyone felt it was important to cast a ballot.

I calmed my nerves by a) shopping for Christmas fabrics and b) lifting weights at the gym while trying to avoid watching the big-screen TV tracking the early returns. Then the K-dog and I attended our preparation-for-dog-agility class where there are thankfully no news reports. When I finally returned home, I found a red-white-and-blue plateful of Kharma cookies from our neighbors and President-elect Obama (!) giving his acceptance speech. Yeah, I got all misty-eyed.

I just knew he would reach out to his non-supporters and I was not disappointed. I'm hopeful that his actions and policies as president can win the trust of his constituency. I think, I hope, I believe that Barack is the real deal--a born leader who can unite our country.

But what do I know? Hey, I think Harry Reid is okay based on the shallow criterions of appearances at soccer games and smelling yummy when he can apparently be something less than kind at times. Or so I hear.

Kudoes to John McCain as he conceded the election with grace, class and honesty.

Thank God for an end to campaign ads. Now we can all get back to Grey's Anatomy and House, blog about something else than politics, make soup on cold nights, and wonder how we can face another holiday season without gaining an additional thirty pounds.

"Cheers!" she said, still with that silly smile on her face.

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  1. OMG! Did you watch this week's Grey's? It was a two box of tissues episode for sure!! :)