Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Lentil Stew

Do Not Try This At Home

Did you know that lentil soup, if it has too much water in it, looks like something served to orphans in Victorian England. I decided to make it look thicker by ladling it into my blender and whirring it around.

Did you know that lentil soup is hot? It really holds the heat well, even if it's been sitting on the stove (burner off) for thirty minutes or so.

Did you know that blenders and volcanoes have a lot in common? They both erupt when filled with a lot liquid.

Did you know that lentil soup looks a whole lot like someone blew chunks? It looks like barf whether spilled on the counter, all over newly-laundered black denim pants, or in hair.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


  1. Does this rival the stacked pots with, was it spaghetti sauce or spinach, I forget which?

  2. I don't think this was the intent of your post, but I kinda want lentil soup now... ;)

  3. All I can picture is you covered in something that looks like hot baby throw up. Did it smell any better?

  4. V.P.--It tasted pretty nice, although I decided I want to add cumin too next time. My guys wanted something that they could bite into for supper. You can guess what I told them ;)

    Amber--I love soup for dinner, but I think I'd aim for Lentil Stew so that if I got Lentil Soup it would still be okay. Lentil Broth was just a tad watery--even after the blender.

    Anon. (you can't fool me)--it wasn't as dramatic as the pop from the stacked pots, but it was quite a bit warmer when it hit me, as opposed to the ceiling!

  5. I did not know any of those things! I feel so informed. Thank you.