Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

New batteries in my camera. Life is good.

Spring has arrived. Each day brings a new blossom. Or darling new leaves on a branch tired of winter. Or a glorious new shade of tender green replacing ocher in a corner of the garden.

The male robin has kept busy attacking those evil window reflections that might steal away his ladylove and pooping liberally on all three cars parked in the driveway--what is THAT about?? Some sort of robin baptism or a personal objection to the enormous wheeled birds ready to filch his girlfriend?

Gold finches have brazenly claimed the pond as their own personal watering hole and gotten away with it. They're so small that the doggies don't notice (and chase) them like the mourning doves. A scrub jay takes his daily bath right where the little rivulet enters the shallow end of the pond.

Warning: It's that time of year when I get my annual attack of Spring Fever and this becomes a Garden Blog!

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  1. I love how Spring brings the birds chiping and singing. While birds terrify me, I do love their songs. Especially mockingbirds. :)