Friday, July 10, 2009

Leap of Faith

The Traceys (otherwise known as Tracey and The Other Tracey) treated us at the grand opening of their new venture at 41 Taylor, called...yep, 41 Taylor! At last, a business with an easy-to-remember address. Honestly, using a headboard to make the perfect sign for your business is sheer genius. I admit that's me making bunny ears on Walking Partner's head. I'm not trying to detract from the fab sign; I just get silly sometimes.

The cottage looks even better in person than it does on Tracey's blog, Notes from a Cottage Industry where she's been sharing the remodeling process with us. The fireplace mantle is imposing. Their color palette is wonderful and I suspect I'll be asking for the name of the wall color sometime soon. The teensy bath is perfectly appointed. I loved the lacy curtains and windows shaded by ivy.

What's an Open House without food? Tracey's cupcake frosting is faaab-u-lous (I chose the baby cupcake like a good girl) and The Other Tracey's fruit, cheese and cracker platter was a work of art (we forced ourselves to nibble on the strawberries and dig into the hummus, yummy). Yes, they are not only creative and artistic, but these gals can cook!

41 Taylor is the perfect location for a celebration when a busy restaurant won't fit the ticket. Two tasteful and spacious rooms open to each other--perfect for parties, reunions, get-togethers--with room for plenty of party seating and a buffet. The gals can decorate and cater one's event, or one can BYO food--isn't it nice they have the flexibility to accommodate their customers' needs!

Before today, I've only known the Traceys online and through their booth at Junkee. It was a total pleasure to meet these two gracious and talented ladies in person. I love that they have enough faith in themselves to open a new business right now. I love that their families came from near and far to support them this weekend. Their multipurpose cottage (party central/Tumbleweed Cotillion Faire/vintage lovelies) is something I'll be sharing with friends, neighbors and co-workers!
At least Walking Partner has a mommy with self-control during our photo shoot.

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  1. What a fabulous idea for a business! Finding a good venue for parties and events is difficult and I would love something like this available around here.