Monday, August 17, 2009


Good news, bad news. Well, it's actually more good news followed by a wake-up call.

I'm on the homestretch of my Dazzling Dog jacket. Yes, that was a really giant grin you heard--partly because I can see the end in sight, but mostly because I'm soooo happy with my doggies.

I found a layout I liked, so I snapped pics so I wouldn't forget where I wanted which pup.

Boring alert! Stop reading now if you don't appreciate mom jeans and the word "diet".

On the flip side, the photos from my cousinly visit in California made me wince, repeatedly, and resolve to change my eating habits.

Apparently long hilly walks four mornings a week aren't enough to allow me to indulge in summery treats (chocolate milk at lunch, regular desserts, family reunions with homemade ice cream) and still regain my girlish figure. Alas, alack. Yeah, I did mean "regain" as opposed to "retain". Usually I'm so active each summer that I slim down and firm up but this summer hasn't followed the usual pattern.

I'm sure my family loves me anyway, but there's nothing like seeing yourself objectively in a photo (or in a department-store triple mirror) to realize that snacktime is OVER. I'm pasting the photo on our fridge for motivation. (Which is working so far, since I've resisted the siren call of the Tomato-Basil Wheat Thins accompanied by homemade hummus and snacked on fresh blueberries instead).

Fortunately for us all, the photo won't upload to Blogger. I tried, really. Twice. If that isn't a hint that something (like my butt) is too big, nothing is.

I hear ya, Universe, I hear ya.

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  1. It's the time to get back into shape. Lord knows I have been trying! :)

    That jacket is so cute!