Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage Rumor

I got to show off my new aprons when the Queen Mother dropped by this weekend. She caught me resting while I recovered from my Journal Jog experience earlier that morning which I loved (except for the loss of the spaghetti feed beforehand, the extremely late start, the hideous color of this year's t-shirts and the charley horse that knotted my calf muscle when I woke up from my well-earned nap).

This is our team--we are so attuned to each other that we all wore black shorts and pink sports bras without consulting beforehand. I'll grant you that most athletic shorts seem to be black--but what are the odds on having the same color underwear?! The five miles just blow past when you have good friends to share them with. We thoroughly enjoy the experience each time we compete.

But back to aprons...the Queen Mother happened to mention that she has a pattern that is vintage. It sounds like one of those dress-aprons from the fifties--how totally cool is that! I can hardly wait to get my sewing fingers wrapped around it.

Meanwhile, I still have one more (modern) pattern to try that comes highly recommended. I just need access to my car for one afternoon so I can find more cute fabric...I'm thinking large polka dots.

1 comment:

  1. I think that is a sign of true friends. Coordinating underwear. :)