Monday, October 19, 2009


I say I go to Pacific International Quilt Festival for the quilts and the vendors, but I really go for the friends I've been meeting there for eighteen years. It wouldn't be fun without my "peeps". We are so lucky to have two families open their homes and hearts to our huge group (California, north and south, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada). See those smiles on our faces? Cheese ravioli with a savory topping that is still stimulating my tastebuds a day later--onions and Italian sausage and ??? I need this recipe!
Some friends have four legs, lots of toys and would rather sniff my shoes than play. I'm always eager to see Toby's new tricks.

The babysitters from eighteen years ago have become young mothers. The babies of yesteryear have grown up through the babysitter stage to the young lady stage. Fortunately a new generation is making its appearance. Last year she was a baby, this year a toddler at play. She'll be one of the babysitters before we know it.

(She's already learned that shopping is serious business. Check out her pink sparkly purse in motion.)

Coming tomorrow: quilts worth writing home about.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And how cool to see the changes through the years. Plus, cute puppies and kids always makes for a fun time!