Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pogonip Tradeoffs

Last Monday we were gifted with a rare December pogonip appearance: So delicate. These crystals didn't get to grow very long, but still the leftover rose leaves were gorgeous. The yews were even more striking with their deep green coloring, but I couldn't tromp through the deeper snow to take their photo.

I was so excited about our pogonip and determined to take photos before I left for work, that I left my lunch behind and didn't realize it until I was in the school parking lot. I almost cried. The trails I'd stomped down the week before had disappeared under new snow and hiking through two feet of freshly-poured concrete would have been easier; it had taken me twice as long to slog through the snow as I'd estimated. I was very late, very tired, and lunchless.

Still...we had pogonip!

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  1. Wait...pogonip is an actual thing? I had no idea... :)