Monday, February 08, 2010

Catch Up-Catsup-Ketchup

Someone (who shall remain nameless but who does share my bed each night) spent the past three days hogging using my computer rather than his laptop to upload photos.  It slightly cramped my style and caused me severe withdrawal pangs, but he's forgiven since I'm sure he had his reasons.

Thanks to everyone who put their two cents in to help me decide on which font for my Meadowsweet Cottage sign.  Chopin--my favorite too--was the overwhelming choice followed by Brock with scattered applause for Handscript.

My sister Pooh (aka Always Humming) helped in two ways.   Her how-to on s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the text were easy-peasy which is exactly the way I like.  She wasn't quite satisfied with any of the fonts.  That made me take a second look and while I liked Chopin a whole lot, I realized I wasn't nuts about the "M".  So I substituted the Brock "M" which I did like and kept the rest Chopin. 

It's perfect, people!  Now to transfer it to the cabinet door sign (which you can see is painted) and also get the decorative oval designed and basecoated.  The front porch is going to look so welcoming with it up this Spring!

While I'm enjoying Google Reader, it wasn't keeping Amberism's posts updated.  I think I've got that worked out but now I'm realizing her new posts aren't showing up here on Meadowsweet.  Ack!  I'm troubleshooting that now but it means she'll be temporarily absent from my sidebar.  I hope to get her back before her new bundle of joy arrives!  She's been busy recently so you can click on her link here while I play Mrs. Fix-It.

Ma cousine liked the friend post and sent along a link to this wonderful YouTube video.  This goes in the "I wish I'd said that" category.  Warning: tearjerker of the best kind! Have your Puffs Plus ready.

I've been craving the LinkWithin widget for months.  It's fun to bounce around related posts on the blogs that have it.  I've learned about furniture, flowers, cloches, chandeliers, chickens, potatoes, and faux mercury glass.  I've tried to install it numerous times and failed every time.  Other bloggers seems to have no problem with it.  They make it look easy.  I've even looked at their source code for inspiration--no luck, although my posts did briefly link to Cindy's at My Romantic Home which was interesting in an unusual way.

I finally gave up yesterday and dumped the whole mess in the laps of the good technowizards at LinkWithin.  With their help and the creek don't rise, maybe Meadowsweet Cottage will finally show you some related links.  I'm reallyreallyreally looking forward to it.  Is it just me or does it make a blog more interesting?  (Yes, yes, my name is pogonip and I'm a websurfing addict, I know.)

I'm so glad I rolled out of bed even though it was cloudy and raining because by the time I got to my Walking Partner's house it was just fresh and the shower had ended.  My cheeks are glowing and my oatmeal is cooking!   Whether you're shoveling snow or mowing the grass, putting on sunglasses or a raincoat, dreaming of flowers or a good night's sleep, wishing the week would be over or happy to be working--have a wonderful week filled with wonderment, surprise and laughter!


  1. I am waiting on pins and needles to see the new sign painted up. Glad you got your font worked out.

  2. You have been busy!! :)

    I can't wait to see the new sign too. I am sure it looks amazing!