Monday, February 01, 2010

Silly Love Songs

February!  Why celebrate love just on the fourteenth when there's a whole long month to cozy up?   I'm spending the next weeks concentrating on the people, places and things that make my life truly love-ly.

I might as well start by planning the perfect romantic evening.  Of course we'll need music--heartfelt lyrics, lilting vocals and lush arrangements.   Nothing else is so evocative of new love, courtship and long lazy kisses.  Nothing else can make me melt so quickly in my sweetheart's arms as a song that I associate with our carefree days.  Nothing else could contribute more to the perfect mood for a romantic tete a tete.

Putting my Playlist together was pure delight.  Remembering those songs that perfectly expressed our love was easy.  Music, not fragrance, evokes the strongest, clearest and most emotional  memories for me.  The melodies that we knew word for word and chord for chord on the guitar.  The ones we carefully chose for our wedding.  We don't have an "our song"--we have a whole selection of favorites that make us smile at each other.

I love "silly love songs."  They're only silly if you are being cynical and skeptical.  And you can't be either of those things if you're loved or in love.

What's your Playlist like? Does it have music that's classical, folk, rock'n'roll, pop, big band, or new age?  Do you and your sweetie have a special song?

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  1. I love music and how it brings about memories. When I hear certain songs I can tell you exactly what moment that song reminds me of. Sometimes it is something important, sometimes it is something trivial. Music speaks to me and helps me catelogue my life. For us, "Breathe" by Faith Hill is a special one. It was playing on the radio in the car when we first kissed.