Wednesday, February 03, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Aren't friends one of life's great blessings? Whatever would we do without them! (Well, in my case I sleep in late and don't exercise and bottle up evil thoughts. I really am a much nicer and healthier person when I'm with my friends.)

Exercise and girl talk is such a rewarding way to begin the day that the heat of summer, nippy autumn winds and frozen chins couldn't deter us.  Treacherously icy winter weather put an end to the daily morning walk-and-talks--friendship is one thing, risking broken bones another.  The Christmas holidays turned my focus to getting presents finished on time.  January came and we got in two pathetic morning walks during which I discovered that I needed to rebuild my hill-climbing muscles and that I no longer really wanted to get up early and walk.  My bad, big time.

I started cleaning out my computer files last month (to avoid the wintery outdoors I can be fairly creative) and discovered a file I'd forgotten marked Wish List.  Gotta say that the power of the written word is truly impressive because I was able to cross off most of the items on the list.  I was surprised to find that I'd wished for an exercise partner who could hold me accountable--and of course now I have my young friend who walks with me all summer and her mom who walks with me the rest of the year!

Maybe because of that, or maybe because of better weather I've found myself waking up early.  Each morning this week I've woken up at what would be my usual time if I was walking and felt increasingly guilty at lying there warm and cozy when the weather isn't really all that cold.   And wondering if my friend had given up on me or was still hoping that I might show up sometime soon.  I know the universe doesn't believe in coincidence and I don't think it likes procrastination either--I crossed paths with BOTH my walking partners as I made my way home!

Turns out my patient walking partner has opened the storm door every morning this week just hoping that I'll knock.  And even though she's kick-ass fit, she's happy to take a shorter hill-less walk with me.  I feel so lucky to have her for a friend, sounding board, walking partner and an exercise conscience!  I feel healthier and happier already because we have a date to resume our morning walks starting Friday morning.  Why Friday and not Thursday morning?  Well, Thursday is her day to sleep in.  Gotta laugh!  Our loose, roll-with-it approach is perfect for both of us. 

I have so many wonderful friends.  Friends who helped me survive toddlers and teenagers; friends who allow me to nudge them into craft projects they'd never take on themselves; friends who love games and potlucks and chocolate and laughter; friends who let me vent and who share their frustrations with me.  Friends I've shared a bathroom with and friends I've "only" met online.

Dear friends, I don't "heart" you.  I don't "luv ya."  I simply want to say that I love you ('cause you can't commit just a little bit).  I've discovered that friendship is just another big long fancy way of saying love.

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  1. I cherish my friends. They are who keep me sane when things are at their worst. I only wish more of them lived near me.