Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Hole

The Olympics suck me in every single time. I'm not passionate about winter sports, but I love the stories behind the athletes, the camaraderie, the creativity, the guts. Before I knew it I was tuning in each night to watch. I didn't care if they broadcast moguls, women's hockey, skeleton, or curling. It didn't matter if the medals went to Sweden or Canada or South Korea or the U.S. I just enjoyed whatever was offered and cheered them on for a week and a half.  The Games were perfectly timed to divert me from our own wintery weather. Yes, even our birdhouses looked like the Frozen North (sigh).

I'm fairly sure winning an Olympic medal would rank above getting elected class president or getting a tidy end-of-year bonus. I know my mom would be proud of me and my country thrill for me, but my kids--uh, not so much. If, in the wildest stretch of your imagination, you did win an Olympic medal, would it matter much to you what color it was? Granted, gold means you get to hear your country's national anthem. (I love watching big strong guys get teary-eyed on the podium.) Heck, forget the medals, wouldn't it be amazing to say that you'd participated in the Olympics?!

I relished the hockey drama and short track spills. I stayed up to watch the Hurricane be unleashed and the Double McTwist 1260 (some people are blessed with amazing talent piled on untalent). I got dizzy watching the luge/skeleton/toboggan track runs. My knees ached watching Moguls. I held my breath while Norway exhibited unbelievable sprints for the finish line during cross-country skiing (go, Peter!). And I giggled when the crowd came to its collectively cheering feet during the curling final. ( Is it just me, or have many of the winter Olympics sports come into being through a combination of long cold winters, boredom and too much hard liquor??

I'm sad that my nightly viewing has come to an end. The Olympics were/are the best reality show going, filled with drama and dreams that we all were privileged to share worldwide. Something for everyone, eh? (Couldn't resist, sorry.)  I'm getting withdrawal pains and there's a hole in my evening entertainment now.

One of my favorite moments:
Virtue and Moir winning an Ice Dancing gold.  Beauty, teamwork, artistry

What was your favorite moment of Vancouver 2010?

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  1. Virtue and Moir were definitely a highlight for me. I loved all the games. But I think I especially loved the skier from Canada who won Gold and then hugged his mentally disabled brother in the stands. Tied with Joannie Rochette's heart-breaking performance and Bronze win three days after her mother's untimely and tragic death.