Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just A Little Draft-y

Funny what you find when you re-organize a forgotten little corner.

Remember when I said I was almost at four hundred posts?  Well, it's actually three hundred seventy-four published posts as I discovered last night.  I dug into "Edit Posts" to count how many drafts should be deducted from the total (since Blogger counts drafts as well as posts in one's total).  I figured I had a few, but was amazed to find that there were actually twenty-five unpublished drafts. I planned to delete them and let the Blogger total recalibrate to show actual posts.  But as I read them, I found that even if they were out-of-date and/or incomplete, they were still snapshots of a time that would never come again.  I began to cut and paste them into a new Word document.

A selection:
Some were cryptic notes to myself:: "remember to check blog url for meme" (from meme 10/6/07)--not a big loss there.

Some were unfinished, a sentence or two long at most: "Ah, the posts I could publish...if only I could find the battery charger for my camera, I could..."  (from The Un-Photo 12/9/08)--proof that I can blog about a-ny-thing.

Some were too negative: How the Economy Really Works  (2/21/09)--that's a dangerous can of worms that I'm glad I never served.  You owe me for sparing you.

Some I thought I had published, I should have posted, but somehow didn't.  Remember East?  The baby sparrow I rescued last year?
I wrote this last June right after summer vacation started:

Yesterday's schedule looked something like this:
• Power walk the hills and get home in time to feed East
• Oatmeal and flaxseed for breakfast
• Get out the power tools, go upstairs to feed East
• Select the best of the old fence lumber and feed East
• Saw the one by six's with my jigsaw and realize it's feeding time again
• Measure two by four's and cut with my sweetie's skilsaw and am amazed at how much a baby bird can eat
• Change from drillbit to Philips head and back again a zillion times as I assemble a new raised bed for veggies and go upstairs again
• Level the ground and put new planter in place
• Start to move excess dirt from my sweetie's brick project into my new raised planter
• Feed East and feed the dogs
• Pick up the new mirror
• Feed you-know-who
• Home Depot for a mirror hanger, a six-pack of impatiens to brighten the shady brick patio, manure for the raised bed and, fortuitously, the tall bellflower I've been wanting for years
• Plant, mix soil, feed the tyrant
• Surreptiously glue together the ceramic pot somebody threw away before realizing how time-consuming it would be
• Spend time in the attic amongst picture frames
• Organize the scrapbooking desk
• Make our yummy Roasted Pepper and Crab Soup from scratch for dinner
• Realize I need to make a new batch of baby birdfood and marvel at how East has adapted to his new life
• Feed him, clean up his "sandbox" and put him to bed with a blankie and the heating pad
• Enjoy some computer time
• A leisurely bath with a good book

Raising my little tyrant was my good deed for the year and I'm happy to finally post what it was truly like to be a bird parent. I think I've finally forgiven his parents for ignoring him (or her) when we tried to re-nest East. One more mouth to feed took on a whole new meaning for me!

Cleaning out my unposted drafts was liberating (and fun). Who cares about four hundred, anyway!  My blog is about carpe diem not statistics.


  1. How funny you are ! I understand raising a little tyrant like east,I raised a baby squirrel named bushky bushybottom. A syringe-full of baby cereal every 3 hours all thru the night, but he made it! I hope little east did too?

  2. ugly i don`t like it to much :)

  3. East would like to say this, "Peep, peeep, squawk!" Which I translate to mean something like, "Dude, adolescence isn't easy for any of us."