Monday, March 01, 2010


Doesn't it feel fabulous that it's finally March?!  My favorite things about this month:
  • St. Patrick's Day--reminds me of green growing things
  • Shamrocks--isn't this their official month? If not, it should be
  • Spring--officially starts on the 20th (can I get an "Amen!") 
  • The texture of frost-heaved soil--just begging for some wildly scattered seeds
  • Fifty-degree days--in springtime they feel fresh instead of brisk like in autumn.  Why is that?
  • Cherry blossoms and peach blossoms and apple blossoms
  • Songbirds--flirting and serenading and flitting
  • Green grass-such a nice change 
  • Leprechuans--everyone needs a little magic in their lives
  • Birthdays--my sister-in-law with the wonderful laugh has her special day today so we get to make a birthday phone call
  • Anniversaries--my blog will turn four mid-month (I'm finally getting the hang of this blogging gig) AND
  • Sometime soon I'll send my 400th!!! post out into the blogosphere--first I have to eliminate any unpublished drafts from the total and then re-calculate how many actual posts I've made.
I think those last two items deserve some celebration. I need to share my joy so stay tuned for some Meadowsweet Cottage giveaways.  I'm a little slow at finishing them--my Three Dog Week took a bite out of my crafting--I can't regret any lost time dog-sitting because I had too much fun with lil Zeke.  His family returned from Disneyland (sob) and took him home (sniff) so I'd better grab my scissors and start letting my creativity roll!  Hmmm, I feel a "hearts" theme coming on...

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  1. Amen! LOL! I am so over February and glad to see it gone. Those pink blooms look so wonderful.Spring is slowly getting closer. It is 37 degrees today and it feel like the 60's to me. I have been in the cold to long.
    Have a wonderful day!