Friday, March 12, 2010

Ordinary Days

I love ordinary!  It's comfortable and familiar and welcome.  It gives me a peaceful feeling of security and stability.

I can tell you right now what today will be like.  A chilly morning walk and talk.  Jeans for Casual Friday.  Children with smiling faces.  Lunch at home with the doggies and a flying trip to the Habitat ReStore.
A date with the laundry pile, my vacuum cleaner and the lambswool duster.  Homemade pizza for a family dinner.  Google Reader and blog friends for dessert.  A mental list of weekend possibilities.

It has all the ingredients for a happy life:  family, friends, furbabies, some exercise, creative/artistic pursuits, a satisfying day at work and a weekend to look forward to. 

What brought this on?  Yesterday The Universe sent me the same message from several different directions--small repeated hints that life is precious, that the future is a gift, that I need to appreciate the simple joys of day-to-day living.  I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve the prod, because I thought I was carping the diem fairly well, but I'm smart enough to take the hint and spend a little energy cherishing the things I have and loving the people around me.

Today I'm sending some love out to all of you, my friends.  Have a simply wonderful ordinary Friday!


  1. That is such a darling picture. :)

    I hope nothing too bad happened to give you this carpe diem feeling. I certainly have been feeling that way myself lately what with everything going on. However, seizing the day is a bit difficult to do on crutches. :)

  2. I'm convinced that appreciating the little things and ordinary moments in life makes for a happy person, which you seem to be!

  3. What a wonderful post. You are so right...sometimes it seems like life is about one struggle after another...then you remember the blessings and choose to cherish them instead. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I will be adding myself to your followers as soon as I can get my downloadable picture to work...don't want to just leave you the shadow.