Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Easter Bunny Made An Early Delivery

Four lovely little ladies...
Our Buff Orpington babies, only four days old...
Currently residing in their brooder...
Being cute and sweet and entertaining. (No wonder I haven't posted anything recently.)

They will be needing names soon.

Yours, with a silly smitten smile on my face,


  1. Those are just too adorable!!!! Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  2. Ohhh they are the sweetest things. Why do all babies look so adorable. The picture of them in the basket is so pretty and cute. How in the world did you get them to stay in there long enough to take a picture. LOL!

  3. Oh I want the one in the second picture. So adorable! You must name her Buttercup. :)

  4. Oh my Gosh! These are the little Buff chickie poos that I am buying this month! WOW, I want to go and pick em up right now,,, except they haven't hatched yet. Have you got wonderful names picked out for the little darlings?

  5. No names yet, Jeri (although Buttercup is pretty cute especially if you've memorized every single line in The Princess Bride like we have). Hmmm, Vegas Princess suggesting a name from The Princess Bride...

    Lona, they are almost never still. I can't count how many times I replaced them in that basket or how many photos I deleted, lol!

  6. darling! I'd love to have some chicks...and so would the eat!

    Guess I'll never have chickens because I will always have weenies.

    Oh...but they are so pretty.