Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Fifths

Yesterday's Spring Break adventure yielded three raised-bed planters for the Queen Mother's veggies.
I kinda like the striped look myself but I'm sure some paint is in their future (then they'll match the fence). We cut enough wood for five beds total but put off assembling the last two until this weekend.

The fence company was going to charge her to haul away this lumber from her fence that blew down. Hello? Free lumber? I don't mind pulling out nails and stacking lumber for future use--especially since I was already plotting these raised beds to make her gardening easier in our Nevada climate.

Total cost: $6 for a box of screws. With enough lumber left over to build a chicken coop and run.

A slightly sunburned but satisfied,


  1. Good save. I love it when you can reuse something. Happy planting. Happy Week-end.

  2. The fence company would most likely made out good on getting paid to haul it away and then selling the lumber too. LOL! Great save and look at all of the things you will get done with it.
    Put some aloe on that sunburn. ;-)

  3. I hate to see anything go to waste, this old fence got a 2nd life, thanks to you.