Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rose Babies

It's mini-rose season! Ya gotta love roses that come from the grocery store, get plunked carelessly in the yard, and are trouble-free compared to regular roses. Cold can't touch them. They bloom wildly. They're so little and cute I want to pinch their little baby cheeks!

Spunky orange
Soft apricot
Soft, soft pink
Glowing orange
Cheerful yellow
Even our cool Spring and delayed Summer can't slow down the mini roses. Thank heavens!

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  1. I love roses and yours are beautiful!!

    Followed you here from TGP

  2. Beautiful roses....something about roses to brighten your day.

  3. So lovely, such pretty colors.

  4. I, too, have a little rose. But it sent up a large stalk that is not the same flower as the original. It did not come from below the graft though, so I'm stumped. Ever happen to you? Thanks for sharing at the TGP!