Thursday, June 17, 2010

Silver Spoons and More Creamy Whites

You know how you see something and get seriously tempted?  I was browsing at my favorite vintage store here in The Biggest Little City and became enamored by a display of silverware. "Only a dollar each", I thought to myself, "so worth it!"  

Then I realized that somewhere at home I already possessed silver teaspoons handed down from various elders.   (I'm a softy for old laces and linens, embroidered tea towels, the odd china plate and silverware.  I guess it's nice for grandparents and great-aunts to know someone will cherish their treasures no matter if it's bent, scratched, stained or cracked--just adds character--or mint perfect.)  Somehow I'd put away my vintage silverware and forgotten about it.

So I went "shopping" in my china cabinet and came up with a nice selection of silver-plated spoons. So far I've discovered that Cheerios taste better eaten from a silver spoon as do strawberries.  I suspect peach cobbler and ice cream are going to be a bit more special this summer as well.
Adding to our dining pleasure, my last foray at the nearest thrift store turned up another white salad plate for the lovingly-mismatched collection accidentally started by Mrs. Santa.  I love the perfect amount of embossing on this plate.  Some have so much relief that they're more decorative than useful.  And the fruit theme is so perfect for summertime!

What do you do to turn an ordinary day into something magical?  Do tell!

With a smile,

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  1. Love the spoons :)
    Oh your red waterer looks great!
    We loved the Dinosaur tracks. Missed the irrigation system. I get a exited about things like that too....The gardener in me. LOL
    Thank you for stopping by. Always love to visit your blog :)

  2. like you, I love spoons especially silverware.. they always look great and yeap.. food taste better when you eat using them.

  3. everything would just taste better with your special dishes and silverware with a story behind them.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a thought out comment on my red dining room. You are a smart one. :)