Monday, June 07, 2010

A Well-Loved Hard Worker

A vintage apron for only a dollar...
well-worn, a few holes and plenty of grease stains...but look at the curve on that pocket...
and that sweet...
but what really made me buy it was the tie that had been replaced.  It was touching.
I dream about the woman who wore this apron.  She was petite, I can tell from its size.  How many chicken dinners did she fry for her family?  Were there childish tears dried with the corner of her apron?  Did she gather snap beans in it?  Or hang laundry while wearing it? Was green her favorite color? 

Lover of vintage linens,


  1. It is touching. The rick-rack reminds me of childhood, it was very popular when I was little and our mothers always wore aprons. I found a wonderful apron, years ago. It was made from old cotton flour sacks... you could still make out the printing, and the "seamstress", had added handmade lace all around the collar and pockets. It was so odd, but sweet.

  2. It's a gem. The colour is fantastic. I can imagine you lovingly soaking and mending it back to life. Enjoy!

  3. What a precious find. My daughter wears an apron everyday. It's so fun to see what mood she's in by seeing what apron she chose to wear. I think it fabulous that aprons have made a come back in such a huge way!

  4. What a fun post.I live in an old house and I wonder about those kinds of things too. Like how different were the meals in our kitchen then than they are now? How many brides, proms dates, first dates came down the stair case. ... that kind of thing. It's fun to think about. Aprons have made such a come back and this is a fun one.
    If you paint your door farm house green I hope you will post it. I'd love to see it.