Monday, July 26, 2010

Flat Earth Society

I feel like I fell off the earth. Only tumbling off a spherical celestial body complete with gravity is not easy, so I joined the Flat Earth Society because it's much easier to just walk off the edge into blog oblivion rather than chartering a rocket.

I like--no, actually I love--blogging and I've never contemplated ceasing. But when I caught myself plotting a post about my suitcases (tapestry, black leather, 70's yellow paisley, periwinkle canvas) and my cosmetic cases (one's turquoise flowers and the other is Pendleton wool plaid, and I take them both with me when I travel) I knew something had to change. I mean, really, a post about my split personality in suitcases? Pathetic.

And I found myself "cheating" by planning posts around blog parties on days when I'd rather write about something that inspired me or made me cry or tickled my funny bone. And I didn't want to overload you lovely readers and followers with two posts in a day, so I chose the no-sweat option. It's such an easy-peasy slippery slope into blogger hell, isn't it?  Now a post about blogger hell...THAT would be interesting. Not that I am, but it's got my brain buzzing with ideas...

And during my unscheduled break (which some of you kind souls attributed to my achieving wondrous summery feats of craftiness and botany), I let slip some weekly traditions that I truly enjoy.  I think I've worked off my funk and eliminated some kinks and gotten in touch with me, the real me, the slightly anal-retentive, irreverent, glass-half-full, silly me.  I'm back.

I'm back on a day of thundershowers and four waterlilies gracing Lilypad Pond .  (Look! Two pink, a yellow and a white!  All at one time!)   
'Cause it's the ordinary magic each day brings that thrills me and sets my heart singing.  Even though the thunder isn't exactly thrilling a certain sensitive golden retriever.

Off to check the Bombshells to see if the expression "madder than a wet hen" has any truth in it.


  1. Great post...
    Anything about gardens and Bombshells and I am in:) I just got 4 more over the weekend that I will be introducing very soon.

  2. I love your posts. You inspire me to post more. :)

  3. Honestly, I want to read a post about those suitcases. Does that make me weird?!

  4. I would of enjoyed the suitcase post too! Love that Tiger Lily. Your blog always uplifts :)