Thursday, October 21, 2010

You're Invited

I love girly tea parties; don't you? 
The kind with linens and silver and fresh flowers. And an array of teacups. 

You can choose which cup you like best.
Because tea from a special teacup always tastes better, don't you think?
All I need are some friends to join me on this autumn afternoon.
You don't have to dress up unless you want to.
You can sit in the sunny spot and we'll chat...I'll pour.

(I think "grown up" tea parties like this one are even more fun than the ones I had as a child.)


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  1. What time is this little party? Can't wait.

  2. Love the aqua/orange color combination on the third cup; I'd say that's my favorite. Very pretty collection:)

  3. A cup of tea sounds wonderful on this very cool morning. Your cup sets are so pretty. I love the last tea cup and saucer. It is so dainty looking. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual.

  4. I love the fourth one! Sign me up because I love tea parties. :)

  5. With the weather turning colder, I love my cup of tea. I have a set similar to your 2nd picture. I have a child's play cupboard that I have a few sets displayed on. There's just something so calming about drinking tea out of a pretty cup.

  6. What beautiful cups! They are so lovely, they would inspire anyone for a tea party!

  7. Beautiful Tea cups!! you should join us on Tea Tuesdays at all of the Tea Blog parties!!


  8. You have such a beautiful collection of tea cups! They are all so pretty and elegant.

    I was going to mention the lovely tea parties that go on in blogland too. Here is one link but there are many others.

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  9. Oh I love each one of your tea cups! You could showcase one at a time and show us who made them, we would all love to see.
    Thanks for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday.

  10. oh noooo.. I am drooling at all your teacups.. and so beautiful and I can't pick one for fave! but I do know the cup on your second photo, I do have one! thanks for sharing coz I really need to find some like yours too!

  11. Hi: I just love your tea cups. It is so amazing. I am so happy you shared them with us. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha