Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Bowman Exit

Driving back over the Sierra from a visit to California in October, I stopped at a seasonal favorite. Machado Orchards is right off I-80, at (you guessed it) the Bowman Exit east of Auburn. They usually have a white blimp tethered advertising their fruit.  I love the Aeromotor windmill.  And the giant tree in their parking lot.
It's always welcoming even when the skies are rainy and grey, because inside they have every fruit and vegetable that's in season.  (Well, anyway I can always find what I want there.)

Better yet, the fruit is grown right here.  Acres and acres of fruit trees surround the shop, so you know things are fresh.  And I think it's important to support the small grower.  Nothing against Ikeda's just a hop and skip closer to Auburn where lots of folks stop, but I love knowing my apples came right from this very orchard!
Isn't it gorgeous?  I passed on taking a leisurely stroll munching on an apple that afternoon.  It was so rainy that I had to shield my camera for a quick shot before scurrying back to my little red Subaru with a lug of completely ripe, lusciously juicy Golden Delicious apples that we've been enjoying for the past month. 
Apples in lunchboxes, sliced apples for a snack, applesauce, apple turnovers...I wish computers had smell and taste built in so I could share with you.

Check out this seriously cute graphic on the box.
I see a potential redwork embroidery pattern there! 


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  1. I am so jealous! I LOVE orchards. It is one thing I miss the most about back East, all the fresh delicious fruit.