Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cheery Cheeps

Once upon a time a silvery duck basket came home with me and before she could say, "Quackers," I'd grabbed my country-blue spray paint and used her to store fruit.  Nope, this ain't her.
I would tell you this is our naked black hen, but I'd be lying.

Because she came with the cutest bread cloth ever...yellow, black and red.  Love!!!
Our west-facing kitchen suddenly is filled with sunshine-y cheer each morning.

"Cheep, cheep," greets me as I stumble downstairs to cook oatmeal and I smile.
I don't know where Chez Pooh found her, but I'm sure glad she's living in our cottage now!  Some presents are perfectly perfect.



  1. Really cute. Yellow is my new favorite color.

  2. That is so bright and cheerful and perfect for your precious Bombshell eggs. :)