Monday, November 08, 2010

Healthy For Life

Is it because Turkey Day is shortly to be upon us? Or the leftover Halloween candy? Could it be the fall weather keeping us indoors, fluffing and nesting, instead of outdoors, hiking and biking and playing like kids?

Whatever the reason, I've noticed recently that I'm not the only gal in the Blogosphere dissatisfied with her lack of a healthy lifestyle and the sad physical result. I'm currently avoiding full-length mirrors and sidelining some of my favorite clothes that are a bit too tight. I'd like to drop a few pounds, but who doesn't? What I'm really tired of is feeling  so low-energy. My get-up-and-go has done git-up-and-went.

I've acquired some unhealthy habits that need to be replaced by better choices. I  need some sweat in my life.  And some great food so delicious that my taste buds retrain my mind.  I could use a well-placed kick to jolt me followed by some pats on the back as I change.

Things That I Know:
  • Being healthy is more important than being thin.  Which is good because the thin that I possessed before kids and age overcame me, realistically, isn't going to happen again in my lifetime.  Healthy is possible however!
  • I like to exercise.  Pumping iron makes me happy.  Slightly sore muscles, just enough to need an Advil, are a good thing.  Needing a higher level to get my heart rate up is a victory.
  • An exercise buddy will have me happily rolling out of my warm bed an hour early.
  • Humming along to upbeat music makes a solitary workout less of a burden.
  • I have a Sweet Tooth...but I love fruit--especially strawberries and blueberries.
  • Keeping busy keeps me out of the kitchen.
I'd love to wave a magic wand and be thin, young and healthy with no work on my part.  Yeah, not gonna happen. Sigh.

Which leaves focusing on the things that I CAN do rather than thinking about all the things I should give up.

My goal is to make one great healthy choice every day.  It might be weight-training, meditation, berries and brussel sprouts (not at the same time), yoga, oatmeal, stretching, biking an extra mile, whatever.  I figure those daily choices will start adding up to habits as I go along.  I'll be retraining my mind while I train my tastebuds and exercise my glutes.  The result should be a healthy, energetic me.  A me with nicer posture, limber muscles, more stamina.

I'm always more successful with a support system though, and maybe you are too.  So I just created a simple blog where I can log my daily successes and be accountable in print without boring anyone visiting the Cottage--the Healthy Blogger Club.   Everyone's invited, there's no initiation fee or monthly membership and it's open twenty-four hours a day--some of the beauties of blogs.  There's no mirrors, no scales, no criticism, no fad diets (more good things about the blogosphere).  Specializing in camaraderie, positive-thinking, and healthier bloggers.  Drop by.  Inspire and be inspired.



  1. Good words for thought and good idea for a new blog. I will stop by. Thanks.

  2. Amen! I need a little "healthy" in my life too.

  3. I am so excited you decided to do this! Because now I feel like I have some sort of accountability for what I am trying to accomplish. Heading over to check it out right now!

  4. I would settle for lungs healthy enough to walk from my car into work without having to stop to rest. The thought of walking quickly again in the fresh air seems like a dream after 3 weeks of upper respiratory hell. When I am healthy enough, I will join you. I don't like the "age" switch that someone turned on about a year ago and I need someone to help me be proactive about changing into this new life style.

  5. My husband and I were so proud of ourselves over the last several months as we ate healthy, nutritious foods and shed many pounds. Now I find myself slipping into bad habits again and must STOP before things get out of hand again. I wonder why we do that! I am definitely visiting your new site.
    PS... Your twin sister sends her regards and hopes you will forgive her for taking off without a word... and yes, she did regale me several times with mom's "mousy tart" ditty!