Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Award

To: Meadowsweet Cottage
From: pogonip


The Bad Blogger Award  
(Nope, too negative--and I don't do negative.)

The January Doldums Award
(Hmm, truthful, but lacking that je ne sais quoi. Even adding some fancy francais won't help.)

The Currently-Uninspired-But-I-Know-You'll-Think-of-Something-Soon! Award
(Yep, that pretty much fits.)

 There are lots of projects that are almost, but not quite, finished due to cold weather.  It's been much more fun to sit in a nice cozy home with Google Reader and revel in other bloggers DIYs.

There are other ideas that have been set aside while enjoying visitors and the December holidays.  My brain is still having trouble switching over to lacy pink Valentine thoughts and twittery flowering springtime bunnies.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Pshaw." And/or "What a load of bunk!"  you'd be right.  I have a truckload of excuses ranging from surprise visits to computer trouble, but I have to admit that the real actual trouble is that  I'm bogged down in  a bit of a blogging slump.  They happen to us all.

It's true that I need to put one more coat of polycrylic on the desk redo and then somehow stage it for photos in our overcrowded and cluttered garage.  And if I could remember where I put the silver leaf I could finish the last step in my Dollar Store to mercury glass birdies.  Or I could show you my holiday redwork embroidery that warmed my heart if I hadn't given it all away before I took photos.  I'm much better at blogging when I can share a project with you all.

I just don't  know what's happened to my motivation.  As Malvina Reynolds put it in one of her songs, My get up and go has got up and went.

I can't blame the weather because this last week was positively springlike with melting pondwater, singing songbirds and balmy weather that was pretty unusual for a northern Nevada January.  (Not that I dislike our normal January weather which previously brought two ethereal days of pogonip.)

I'm like a torpid old lizard, too cold to move.  I need to shake my boo-tay, use it or lose it, move and groove.  I've been sitting in one place way too long.  I could use someone to drag me outdoors for a long heartwarming hike.  

I'm suffering from a lack of exercise, is all.  And you kind folks have suffered through my rambling pity party as my fingers on the keyboard worked through the how's and why's of my little slump.
Insert Giant cleansing breath here.  Ahhhhh.  That feels much better.  

Next up:  a pre-dinner jog around the block and crafting a post about my January snowlady mantel.  I'm leery of promising anything, but I'm trusting that my run will provide enough energy to spark my brain cells into some sort of creativity.

Wish me luck!


  1. I am staying up too late just to read my favorite blogs. And I enjoyed this post because of the honesty. It is nice to hear about other people's challenges and to see them overcome.
    You work really hard. Enjoy some downtime!

  2. So you aren't Superwoman. :) Can't wait to see your next completed project.