Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Family Portrait


The aforementioned storage unit yielded treasures beyond the sewing cabinet--boxes and boxes of family photos.

Cool weather made today an inside day so I amused myself with scanning old black and white photos. And with torturing my sister (Chez Pooh) with frequent emails about middle names, the family home, and decorating potential while she was trying to frost a birthday cake for Tigger (otherwise known as the Offspring)--because scanning photos is repetitious bordering on boring interrupted by spurts of delight.

I'll leave Pooh alone while she makes like Bakerella and invite you along instead!

One of the family gardeners.
I come by my green thumbs honestly.

I love every single thing about this--from the torn calendar page to the little cord to hang it by!
Wouldn't it be sweet in a frame?

Wondering how she kept her skirts free of the sprocket (something that's beyond my abilities).

No clue why a Chico baseball team photo is in the pile.
A familiar face--I can tell you how his whiskers felt.
I love the white lattice and that barn door.

Young love in wartime.
Makes me want to listen to the Andrews Sisters singing Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) even if it did become tempestuous later on.

Wonder which one of my relatives this is?  A cousin?
Looks like an illustration about happiness, doesn't it?

I love using Picasa to transform old photos.  (A little cropping, enhancing the shadows, bringing out the highlights, utilizing the B+W function...)

Wouldn't she make a divine Valentine? (I'm starting to think about hearts and lace and sweet nothings, aren't you?)

Speaking of valentines--come by to see more Show and Tell at My Romantic Home!  Luscious!



  1. I love the picture of the sailor boy and his girl holding each other. So sweet!

  2. Yes, the wartime photo is great, but the girl in "almost" a Valentine shape (heart shape) herself would make a wonderful Valentine theme. I'll have to check out Picasa again!

  3. Great photos... I am amazed at how different your edited photo looks, wow! Love the gal in the garden too.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, such a special treat for us visitors. I love all of them you've shared....and I smiled reading about the 'feel' of the whiskers!!!

    My show n tell link: My latest art sketch

    Hope you can find time to stop by. Have a wonderful weekend.