Friday, January 14, 2011

Looks Like Chicken Scratch to Me

Or is it some sort of Mayan egg code?  Is she trying to tell me something?


On the positive side, possibly Sophia is trying to thank me for the thick bed of straw they have. Or expressing her delight at the delicious kitchen scraps provided regularly. Or maybe she's just as happy with fifty degree days and no snow as I am.

But I'm afraid she's been giving me that look.  That chicken look.

"We demand more free range time."

"I thought our coop was going to look like this."

"You promised to teach us to play soccer ages ago.  I hope you don't expect us to use this pathetic excuse for a ball."

They know how much I love having fresh eggs so they ask for the world.

I'm hen-pecked.  (And content to have it so.)


  1. Ha ha! I think I would love to meet your Bombshells one day. Your stories make me feel like I would love them even though they scare me. :)

  2. Those warm temperatures probably got her all excited. Now I could live in a Chicken coop like that.It is sad when it is prettier and better than my house. LOL! Enjoy your egg.