Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Guideposts - Week57

Gardens are not made by singing, "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade.

~Rudyard Kipling
Rolling up my sleeves,


  1. Can't wait to roll up my sleeves. It's been a little too cold for that here...but a girl can dream. I'm thinking of renting space from the park district this year for a veggie garden. My yard is just perennials and no room for veggies. I'd love to do get some chickens...but the city doesn't allow it. A greenhouse would really be big on my list of wishes too.
    Hope you are enjoying the spring cleanup.

  2. Oh happy day! I was outside ALL DAY LONG, diggin and sweatin and haulin and plantin! This kind of work is a joy. Early Spring here, with lots of rain last week and I have a new POTAGER garden in the works. Can't wait to post about it in a few weeks.

  3. Oh what a nice little quote... I still have about a foot of snow in my gardens. No spring here yet ;) Thanks for stopping by, Have a great week out there!