Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Damp May Flowers

I don't often say that I'm happy with rain (I'm half cat), but today might be an exception. Those of us living in the rainshadow endure the winds that usually precede any storm front that's aiming at us. After three days of having my hair unsuccessfully restyled by renegade wind, I'll settle for some nice peaceful raindrops instead. Even if it does mean muddy dog paws.

From dirty dog toes to pink dogwood as you near the cottage.

Those would be peony buds in the lower right!

Bearded iris under the dogwood and birch, just enough sunlight, just enough shade.

Nearing the front door, you encounter a bit of perennial exuberance.
Oh, how I love candytuft and bluebells!

This is my "mayflower."
They're Japanese anenomes with a bit of delicate sweet woodruff nearby.  They love my dry shade and seed themselves in just the right amount.

May also brings flower drop from our cherry tree.
I swept this three times yesterday--hopeless.  But maybe it'll pay off in sweet cherries in a couple months?

My new Double Delight rose loves the cool damp weather as she awaits planting in her new home.
She's my Mother's Day present.

Every single day brings changes to our May garden:  sprouting leaves, delicate new buds, shy bits of color, sudden bursts of bloom.  I've delighted in muddy fingernails, spading compost and manure into the raised beds (I know, only a gardener would list that!), buying petunias and bareroot peonies, nurturing tomato seeds.  I love springtime.  Lots.


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  1. Love your iris. Looks like the one have. Oh wow the pink dogwood blooms are stunning. Pretty rose.

  2. Looks great, I really wanted a cherry tree but after seeing the mess it makes it may make me change my mind!!

    Come link up your garden posts ever Tuesday at

  3. Your pink Dogwood is so pretty in bloom. I really like the white anemone too. Around here the oaks, silver maples and my Rhoddies make messes for me. I do not mind the Roddies but I get aggravated at the maple whirligigs as I call them (Seed pods) flying everywhere. They always seem to collect in my hair when I am working outside. LOL!

  4. I love your dogwood! And I look forward to seeing sweet cherries - thanks for sharing!

  5. I adore the pink dogwood and the Double Delight is doubly divine. :) I may have to pick your brain a bit. I am going to attempt to have some potted plants in the front of our new house for some color so I'll need some pointers. If I had the money I'd fly you down to come help me in person! We could spend the whole weekend at the Garden Center. :)

  6. Okay, is this your new place??? I am way behind here, No matter, the gardens look luscious.

  7. Nope, Jeri, same old place. The other place was quite literally a dream! It made me think about where I want to live in the future though. And thanks for the compliment--I just love springtime and flowers :)

  8. Wow all of your flowers are so beautiful! I especially like the Iris.