Monday, May 23, 2011

Diva Roses

Every new trend begins with an inspiration. 
Mine started with my new latte mug--a birthday gift to myself. (Tea or hot chocolate tastes twice as good in a cup that looks wonderful, I think.)
Unfortunately, the mug chipped the first time I put it in the dishwasher. I was able to exchange it for one in pristine condition (they only had three left in the store) and I only wash it by hand.  
Divas apparently require careful handling to keep them happy. Who knew?

Back in February when I decided to repaint the valentine "welcome" heart that hangs on our front porch, the roses on my diva mug became my inspiration.
I can't even begin to express how much I loved the final result.  But I'll, love, love!

I heart easy. I appreciate success. I also enjoy trying out new colorways.
The weather (temporarily) turned warm and I began thinking pastel.  These colors remind me of a Cath Kidston fabric.

I liked the pastel version enough to try it again. This time a softer look--without the black.

I have the feeling that these aren't the last diva roses I'll paint!
Interested in painting your own diva roses?  You're in luck--I just posted a How To!

Lots of people more creative than me at BeColorful.


  1. Love your interpretation of this pattern. In fact I have a file of patterns on my desktop of just patterns that I go to when I need an inspirational jumping off point and the image of your valentine door candy is in that file. Now I will have to file this away too because I think the color combo is the shiz.

  2. Thanks,Pam! I'm just getting started with pastel roses of all sorts PLUS I want to see my diva roses with a golden yellow background very soon.

  3. The pattern did inspire you didn't it. I love your pastel colors. You did such a terrific job painting them. I always love seeing what you are painting on next. LOL! The flower pot is just so pretty.

  4. I love seeing your projects. I bought some birds at the dollar store. I am going to paint half ivory and silver leaf the others. Then I will antique them. Thanks for the idea! I think they will make great gifts.

  5. Thanks for sharing this on Motivated Monday at BeColorful. You know I love how it turned out.