Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday in My Garden

It's time for the Tuesday Garden Party--it's so nice to have something in my garden to share. And I recently discovered that The Little Round Table features delightful gardens.  So join me, spring was a long time coming this year but she was worth the wait.

My Double Delight rose continues to light up our yard. Her cool weather colors are my favorite.
The center is lighter than it would be in warmer weather. I still haven't decided where she'll be planted yet but I need to soon.

Another bearded iris has begun.  She's even prettier in person.
I love the picotee edge!  Even after jazzing up the photos in Picasa, I'm disappointed the colors aren't showing up better.  I thought photos under cloudy skies would be great.  Wrong.  And Picasa is having upload issues to Blogger.  (Or am I the only one?)  Usually they are both reliable.

My two seedling lupines from last year are blooming for the first year and I'm not disappointed in their colors.
This soft peachy pink is nice.

But this pink is the color I was hoping for--yippee-ki-yo!
I'll be seeding some more this year hoping for a deep purple and a blue in the future. What you can barely see is baby peony foliage peeking through the lupine leaves. They should be a spectacular combo someday, especially with the clematis vine directly overhead. Just thinking about it makes me giddy!

And my treasured Nelly Moser clematis has her very first bloom.  She's a springtime star.
It won't be the last one--she's loaded with buds that will welcome one and all to our front door for weeks to come. It tickles me when someone asks if they're real.

It seems every day brings new beauty to the cottage. Have I mentioned how much I love spring?



  1. Your Spring flowers are looking lovely. I especially have a soft spot for the Lupine. I just love them Thanks for sharing.

  2. Roxie your blooms are so pretty to see. Girl I am loving your Lupines. I have tried growing them from seed and they get just so big and die on me. I am not going to give up though.LOL! Bullheaded gardener. Your yellow iris looks so sunny and cheerful.

  3. My white lupine shows no sign of returning :(
    And I can't believe you have roses blooming! Someday I will try roses....if I can ever find the ones I want. Only I won't plant them by the faucet like the previous owner!

  4. Beautiful shots! Those lupines are very sweet!

    Thanks for joining the garden party,