Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Indecisive Chandelier

Some projects flat out tell you exactly what they prefer to look like. Those are the easy ones! Others...not so much.

My yard sale chandelier is more indecisive than a bride that keeps changing her mind about which wedding dress she likes. (Naturally I'm completely opinionated and never have any trouble making up my mind--I'm blaming this all on her.)
Obviously her current brass look isn't going to win any fashion kudoes. And what's a chandelier without lovely dangling crystals?

She was leaning toward a faux mercury glass look. Alas, there's not a can of Looking Glass spray paint to be had anywhere in our vicinity (and I've tried all the alternatives with indifferent results) so we've reluctantly jettisoned that idea on the grounds that we know when we're beat.

The current possiblities--and course all these would include clear drop crystals from the bobeches, arms and curlicues--are:
  • Ivory paint with darker glaze to highlight her baroque details. It has possibilities, but I'm not sure the flat look of paint is the best look for her.
  • Oil rubbed bronze. The contrast between the dark bronze and sparkly crystals would be a-maz-ing. On the down side, ORB is very dark. So dark that The Big Guy commented the trophy I spray painted looked like it had turned to the Dark Side (insert Darth Vader-esque breaths here).  And would the baroque twirls and swirls show up?
  • Silver leafing.  A definite glamour girl look.  I wouldn't even mind the extra care all those little nooks and crevices would demand.  Not sure I like the silver leaf I've got.  It says silver leaf, but it doesn't look like real silver to me somehow.  At least not next to my silverplate platter. Although my silver-leafed Dollar Tree bird does have his good points.

It's time to force the issue and git'er done.  Help me out here, pretty please? Which look would you most favor for my indecisive chandy?

Oil rubbed bronze
Silver leaf
FYI, I'm not planning on keeping the chandy for myself; I'll be helping her find a new home via craigslist after her makeover, but I do want a classic, timeless look for this little beauty.

 In a dither and thankful to those of you visiting from My Romantic Home for adding your two cents,


  1. I like the Ivory look. What about if you took black shoe polish to the silver leaf to give it depth and an antique look to it? I don't know if it will work, but I have seen the impact with polymer clay and it makes a huge difference.

  2. I really like the silver, although I just painted my chandelier white/ivory. This is a sweet little chandy and the pop of silver wouldn't overpower anything. It might look like old mercury glass. Very pretty!

  3. I am going for the silver. I think you will get the most dramatic look from that.

  4. I like the bronze, but silver would be second choice. I agree that it would look great toned down with something.(shoe polish, brown stain, etc.)

    I also loved your quote about walking. I have to start making time for that.

    Oh, and I am going to start checking the dollar store for items to leaf. Great idea.