Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The First Day

Is the first day of summer vacation the last (very short) day of school with the accompanying giddy feeling of complete freedom?

Or is it the first full day when you wake up in the morning knowing that there are beaucoup of these days strung like baroque pearls ahead of you?

Does it matter?


These are weighty questions, my friends. 

Let the wild rumpus begin!


  1. It begins the moment you walk out that door! No doubt about it!

  2. I'm a teacher too and it begins for me as soon as the kids walk out the door!

  3. Free at last! LOL! Enjoy your summer to the max.

  4. Hooray! Welcome to summer:) We have been out since last Thursday and this week our sun finally arrived; it is lovely.

    Your garden looks wonderful, and your little egg to too cute. Is that a chicken egg?

    I hope you are able to live it up!