Saturday, June 04, 2011

The New Neighbors

Our newest neighbors took over an older home that badly needs some exterior paint, has lost the front porch and probably could use updating inside also.  
But this vintage cottage is situated in the shade of a large cherry tree, with a lovely brick patio and many flowers in the yard. I'm guessing they saw the potential in it.

Here's Dad looking askance at me while I photographed their new digs. He let me know in no uncertain terms that I was interrupting his very busy life.
My bad.

I wasn't offended to any degree; I have to agree that any parent of multiples has a lot on their hands. And I wasn't exactly helping them get on with the feeding schedule!
Mom wasn't thrilled by my interest either.  Social calls apparently aren't a priority for her just now.

The ruckus that those young'uns raise gets louder every day.  Mom and Dad pop in, feed those hungry mouths and rush out to grab more insects and swoop back in.

In.  (Peep, peep, peep. ) Out.

In.  (Peep, peep, peep.) Out.

The babies have fledged and I wouldn't be surprised if Mom and Dad introduced them to the neighborhood sometime very soon
Hang in there, my busy little neighbors, you'll soon be empty-nesters with leisure to enjoy summer time.

Temporarily a landlady,


  1. I need to look into getting a bird house. There is a mockingbird that taunts my kitties as they gaze out into the world. I hope if I give him something to nest in it will keep him occupied.

  2. Cute. Love baby birds. We have been feeding a squirrel nuts for some time. The other night we were watching him drink water from the bird bath.
    All of a sudden he had company - 5 other ones a bit smaller. So he may have been a she. They are jumping from limb to limb in our tall trees. They dig holes and then cover them back up. The funniest thing is that they restle. So much fun to far......hope they don't get pesty on us.

  3. I do not know how those parents keep up with those babies. LOL! I think I would be a nervous wreck.

  4. Thank you for sharing your avian friends with us. I have numerous bird nests in my yard and when I am gardining I hear them peeping about.