Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Letter

Dear Summer Solstice,

Welcome! We've been waiting eagerly for your arrival! I'm glad you're almost here at last.

So is my double peony. She almost hasn't been able to contain herself.
She and the Madison mini-roses have been hanging out together. Your sister, Spring, needed an attitude adjustment this year (as if you didn't know)--but her coolness just made the rose colors more intense.
I don't think mini Peaches has ever been quite this lovely.  She almost glows, especially in the shade.
Although the Queen Mother's favorite soft pink is always lovely no matter what. The bugs certainly think so--usually her petals have been chewed to lace by now.  It's a nice change to see her looking her best.
You may have heard that we took a brief trip to Oregon; yeah, we hadn't had quite enough rain are completely nuts so we left sunny Nevada to experience a few more showers! Oregon rainshowers are actually easy to ignore and gray skies make it pleasant to garden, but I'd trade them for blue skies and your heat any day!
Our "gypsy wagon" was the deluxe variety.  We had Sirius XM satellite radio--nice reception on the ride thru the Siskiyou Mountains.  And so much leg room that to touch the front I'd slide down in my seat and s-t-r-e-t-c-h my toes! I enjoy our delivery trips to Oregon just so I get the excuse to rent a mini-van.  I became a convert the first time I discovered stow-and-go seating.  Lo-ve!  Yikes, I'd better be careful so my sweet little Subaru doesn't hear me, lol.

You know I've been trying to be good about daily exercise and I did my daily walks religiously.  I could've wished for hills to challenge me, but I did carry weights.  Yes, I'm still carting around my old heavy digital!  Hey, she fits in my pocket plus I remember hauling my old film SLR around in the old days.  I don't miss that bulk at all.

I did go a little nuts taking peony photos.  I've got to get one of these light pink beauties.  I think this is "Sarah Bernhardt" and she's pretty easy to find.  She's almost as light a pink as the mini rose that the Queen Mother likes even though she looks darker here.  I almost brought one home that I saw at Fred's.  The Oregon prices are great (and I love no sales tax) but I wasn't sure if I wanted to travel with it.  I probably should have.  Sigh.

I did get one of these whites with the red "breaks" in the petals for Mothers Day.  It was a bareroot from Walmart (I know, I know)--but we've had pretty good luck with their stuff in the past. 
I figure that I should get my first bloom from her about 2013!  Good think we gardeners are patient.  

Well, that's all for now.  See you SOON!

Your friend,

Sharing my letter with my buds:
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  1. I love the peonies and those yellow roses, wow! This year my pink Peonies finally gave me some beautiful blooms for the first time ever.

    Say hello to the blond bombshells from my rooster, and only remaining Buff, CONAN the Barbarian.

  2. Those peonies and roses bring back sweet memories of spring -- way back in April here. For a while I was enamored with native plant gardening, but peonies, roses, and french hydrangeas make me so happy.

  3. That soft baby-pink rose is just magnificent!

  4. Your peonies and roses are beautiful. The peony is Indiana's state flower, so I think i should probably plant some, but looking at yours requires less work. ;) Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the peonies! Mine are in bloom right now too and I love to go out and smell them! The white's have the best fragrance! I love the delicate pink color of the Queen Mother's rose... so far my roses haven't been devoured by the rose chafers yet, but they will show up soon enough!

  6. loved your post! beautiful pictures!

  7. Your roses are looking so beautiful! My poor babies have been water logged all spring and not looking their best. I am glad you found some pretty plants on your vacation.

  8. Peonies are one of my favorites and yours are beautiful!

  9. Stunning shots! You captured the beauty so well.
    Beautiful space you got here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. Never too many peony pictures! Lovely images one and all. :-)

    Thanks for coming to the garden party,